Elect Pam Martin
  • School Improvement Council for 3 different Fort Mill schools
  • Member of 2011 and 2012 Strategic Planning Committees
  • Parent Liaison committee member for over 10 years
  • BS Degree in Finance from the University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Small Business Owner - President of a local multimedia production company
  • Actively involved in the Fort Mill school system for over 12 years
  • Cares about the future of our children

Pam, her son Scott and husband Michael

Fort Mill School District is faced with many significant challenges, including how to finance and manage our continued growth with uncertain funding from the state.  
I will work collaboratively with our school administrators and other board members in making the tough decisions necessary to stretch our education dollars.
I have the business and finance knowledge along with listening and communicating skills to help make the right decisions for Fort Millís future.